okay so im not even an acdc fan but i need to say this because if theres one thing i cannot stand in music its when people assume talent only exists with ridiculous levels of talent and taught technical skills.

this picture says that they played with “one drum beat and three chords for 99.9% of their songs”… isnt that the genius right there though? they were able to make that many hits with those limited chords and that “one drum beat”, and with those shortened skills they were able to become one of the worlds biggest rock acts. no they werent the only influential band of their time, but shit… theyve sold that many records i think they deserve a bit of hype. you can say you dont like their music thats completely understandable, but its a bit stupid to imply how untalented they were even though they have sold over 40 million records worldwide.

that is all…

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  2. comickit said: yes because complicated music is automatically better. dumbass.
  3. enter-the-fossa said: ac/dc sux
  4. meghantheinvincible said: Why do you care if other people think they’re the best thing since sliced bread? That people get their panties in a twist about dumb shit like this is amazing to me. (Plus, AC/DC is badass, so you can just stfu.)
  5. danceofdestruction said: Just because they weren’t technical, it doesn’t mean that they were any less influential dip shit. I’d also like to see you stand up and play something better, or at least comparable.
  6. premna said: since when has anyone paid attention to the chords? give me a good reason please